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Through strategic planning and a cohesive team-building approach, STAROSCAR  clients have managed to get the results they sought after from my consulting services. Feel free to contact us now.

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Projects can be challenging; I’m here to lighten the load off your shoulders. I’m an honest and positive professional whose first priority is always the interests of my clients; providing capability, adaptability, and scalability. Since 1996, I’ve been serving loyal clients in the San Francisco area - get in touch to start enjoying my services today.



Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

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Real Estate Community Segmentation

My clients are my number one priority, and my services prove just how committed I am to their success. Book an introductory meeting today to learn more about how I can make your business thrive.

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Real Estate Strategy Development

Do you have a project or idea that you’d love to bring to life? Since founding my business, I’ve provided my clients with a wide range of consulting services such as this one. To find out more, get in touch.

Real Estate Tax Advisory

My services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client. I work collaboratively throughout the entire process and guarantee measurable results. Contact me to find out how I can help today.


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